Odomolor Women's Pull On Closed Round Toe KittenHeels Solid PumpsShoes Red BNBA5Ohir

Odomolor Women's Pull On Closed Round Toe Kitten-Heels Solid Pumps-Shoes Red BNBA5Ohir
  • Heel Hight Measures Appro: 1 3/4"in
  • Special Element : Platform
  • Outer Material: Pu
  • Inner Material: Microfiber
  • Sole: Gum Rubber
  • Closure: Pull-On
  • Heel Height: 4.5 centimetres
Odomolor Women's Pull On Closed Round Toe Kitten-Heels Solid Pumps-Shoes Red BNBA5Ohir Odomolor Women's Pull On Closed Round Toe Kitten-Heels Solid Pumps-Shoes Red BNBA5Ohir Odomolor Women's Pull On Closed Round Toe Kitten-Heels Solid Pumps-Shoes Red BNBA5Ohir Odomolor Women's Pull On Closed Round Toe Kitten-Heels Solid Pumps-Shoes Red BNBA5Ohir Odomolor Women's Pull On Closed Round Toe Kitten-Heels Solid Pumps-Shoes Red BNBA5Ohir
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‘.gitmodules’ file in the parent Git directory which has integrated the submodules

A generic .gitmodules file with three different submodule entries will look like:

In the above example, SubModule1, SubModule2, and SubModule3 are integrated into the project via the subdirectories of SubModule1Local, SubModule2Local, and SubModule3Local respectively. The ‘url’ gives the repository URL link for the respective submodules using which Git clones the project.


There is a popular opinion that Git submodule is harder for a beginner to comprehend. This is partially true since Git in itself can be a bit too overwhelming, to begin with. It is recommended that one is comfortable with all the fundamentals of Git before diving into Git Submodules since you’ll be dealing with multiple tracking trees. In brief, any changes made in the directory of the submodule will be committed to the repository of submodule and not the main module. The main module tracks the changes in the commit of the submodule and not the actual change to the contents itself. The submodule directory acts like a link to the whatever repository you’ve decided to include into your project. For example, consider I have a project named ‘MainModule’ with URL Asics GelHockey Neo 4 Womens Hockey Shoes Pink XFfTb
. I would now like to include another project named ‘SubModule’ with URL Eurohike Terry Microfibre Travel Towel Small PaxoQFy
in a folder named ‘SubModule1’. Once I’ve added the Submodule1 project to MainModule project in the SubModule1 folder,

My project folder now looks like:

And my .gitmodules file looks like:

Now when I create a ‘SampleFile’ in a MainModule project folder, it is tracked by the MainModule repository and can be committed as a normal file. But when I create ‘AnotherSampleFile’ in a Submodule1 folder, it isn’t tracked by the MainModule repository. MainModule repository does recognize that there is a modified content in the Submodule1 directory, but it is unable to track or commit the changes. Once you change your current working directory into a Submodule1 folder, you’ll be able to track and commit it using a Submodule1 repository. The MainModule repository now tracks that a new commit has been made to the Submodule1 submodule and on committing the code in MainModule, it records and updates the current commit of Submodule1.


-Git submodules generally are considered complicated to work with as the complexity of libraries, and your own project increases. The entire purpose of using a version control system and submodules are to make the life of a developer easier. So it’s better to use a dependency manager if your project seems to be better handled with a dependency manager rather than submodules. -When using Git submodules it’s always at most important to have consistency between the submodule contents between all the collaborators. If you have updated a submodule to a different commit, the repository doesn’t automatically update the contents of the submodules. You’ll have to let your teammates know that they are required to update their submodules to avoid weird behaviors. -So it’s best to use Git submodules when other solutions are unreliable and the team of collaborators has really good communication (Good team communication is recommended regardless of the use of Git submodules).

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